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We Hear You is a self-help support group that aims to provide a safe, confidential environment in which those bereaved by suicide loss can share their experiences and feelings, to give and gain support from each other.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in India who have been deeply affected by suicide. The emotional impact, and impact to quality of life are long lasting and wide reaching.

We offer unique and distinct support by the bereaved for the bereaved. Our support groups are based on the principle of self help and sharing (we do not provide counselling). Our group currently meets once a month in Mumbai.


Our Mission and Vision

We Hear You exists to meet the needs and break the isolation experienced by those bereaved by suicide.

Each year in India, more than 100,000 people take their own life – each suicide has a devastating and lasting impact on families, friends and communities.

Faced with a sudden, often unexpected and sometimes violent death, those bereaved experience a complex grief which typically includes strong feelings of guilt, self-reproach and questioning – “why?”. Discomfort, shame and stigma associated with suicide can make it difficult to talk about. There may be further complexities not common to normal bereavements e.g. inquests, media coverage, trauma reactions and difficult family relationships.

Those that have lost someone to suicide often feel isolated at a time when they are hurting, suffering mental anguish and are vulnerable themselves to thoughts of suicide. Even those fortunate enough to have strong support family support can still feel alone and unable to share their true feelings.

Effective support after a suicide is key to helping individuals, families and communities to recover. We aim to provide a safe, confidential environment in which those grieving can share their experiences and feelings, and give and gain support from each other. It is our experience that many people feel unable to share or don’t feel understood until they talk with another person who has also been bereaved by suicide.

We hope to be able to set up support groups across India, to reach and support as many people as possible.

We also strive to increase awareness and reduce the stigma associated with depression and suicide.


We hear you

If you have been bereaved or affected by suicide, there is help available and you do not have to be alone.

We are offering support services for adults over 21. We have monthly support groups that are run by individuals who have been bereaved by suicide themselves. We also provide information through our website.

Our support groups can be accessed as often and for as long as you need them. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since your bereavement happened or what your relationship was with the person who died. If you feel you have been affected by a suicide and you would like to talk about it, we are here.

Suicide knows no social, ethnic or cultural boundaries and neither do we.


Who we are

We are a team of 3, who are committed to bringing help and support to those bereaved by suicide in India. 2 of us have lost loved ones to suicide, and are on our own healing journey. We are joined by a mental health professional who has helped many survivors cope with their loss.

We are also supported by Survivors of Bereavement By Suicide, UK., a UK based organization committed to helping those bereaved by Suicide.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide